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About the Oregon Tree Farm System

About the Oregon Tree Farm System

We promote the conservation and growing of forest resources in a sustainable manner on private Family Owned Forests.

The Oregon Tree Farm System is a non-profit organization affiliated with the American Tree Farm System and American Forest Foundation. Our purpose is to help family forest landowners manage their lands with the goals of conserving forests, water, and wildlife while promoting natural resources based recreational opportunities. We recognize and celebrate OTFS members that exemplify sustainable forest management. We support the responsible harvesting of renewable natural resources and the Oregon Wood Products Industry.

The Tree Farm System is the oldest forestry certifying entity; it is the only such entity that does not charge member fees. If you have 10 acres or more of land that is forested or capable of supporting trees, you can become a member of the Oregon Tree Farm System.

The following video describes why sustainable forest practices are so important to our future. Watch it and then see below for the steps required to join the OTFS.

Rethinking Forests: The fight against global warming [5 min ]

Steps to Join the OTFS

The steps to become an OTFS member are simple. There is no fee, but we do require an inspection of the forestland proposed for OTFS membership.

Pick the county in which your tree farm resides.
If your county is not shown, pick the closest county.
Your contact to telephone or e-mail is:

As soon as a participating professional forester is available, you will be contacted to arrange a meeting on your property.

At that meeting, you will need to:

  1. Have a written management plan.
  2. Show that sustainable forest practices are being applied on your forestland.

If you currently do not have one or both of these, the contacting forester will advise and assist you in addressing these items. There is no cost for this service.

While you are working on these items, you may join OTFS as a Pioneer Tree Farm. When you have developed a management plan (see guidelines below) and can show sustainable forest practices, you can qualify as an OTFS Certified Tree Farm.

The guidelines to use in developing a management plan and evaluating your tree farm are available at these two links: Management Plan information and Management Plan Addendum [300K PDF].

Watch a video on the Benefits of an OTFS Membership [5 min ]

Watch a video on the Benefits of an OTFS Membership [5 min ]

OTFS Board of Directors

OTFS Board of Directors Executive




Rex Storm Chair Woodland owner, Forest Policy Manager, Associated Oregon Loggers
Dick Beers Treasurer Woodland owner
Mike Cafferata Secretary District Forester, Forest Grove, Oregon Department of Forestry
OTFS Board of Directors Members






Michael Atkinson Woodland owner; OTFS Inspection Coordinator; Weyerhaeuser, retired      
Connie Atkinson Woodland owner; OTFS Support; Weyerhaeuser, retired      
Rick Barnes Woodland owner; President, Oregon Small Woodlands Assn; Consulting Forester 
2013 Oregon Tree Farmer of the Year
2014 US Western Regional Tree Farmer of the Year
  Joe Holmberg Woodland owner; Army Corps Engineers, retired
Seth Barnes Director of Forest Policy, Oregon Forest & Industries Council   Jim James Executive Director, Oregon Small Woodlands Association
Mike Barsotti Woodland owner; Oregon Department of Forestry, retired   Jim Johnson Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Program Leader, Oregon State University
Dick Beers Woodland owner.   Jamie Knight Forester, Oregon Department of Forestry
2013 National Outstanding Inspector of the Year
2013 Western Region Inspector of the Year
2012 Oregon Inspector of the Year
Clint Bentz Woodland owner; Principal, Boldt, Carlisle + Smith, CPA's   Dave Rankin Woodland owner,
2016 Oregon Tree Farmer of the Year
Linda Butts Woodland owner; Master Woodland Manager
2014 Oregon Tree Farmer of the Year
  Brad Siemens Landowner Assistance Program Coordinator, USFS, PNW Region, USDA Forest Service
Mike Cafferata District Forester, Forest Grove, Oregon Department of Forestry   Fred Sperry Association of Consulting Foresters
Steve Cafferata Woodland owner;
2017 Oregon Tree Farmer of the Year
  Gary Springer Forestry Manager, Starker Forests, Inc
Wylda Cafferata Woodland owner;
2017 Oregon Tree Farmer of the Year
Dick Courter Woodland owner; Principal, Gene Techs Consulting Forestry   Rex Storm Woodland owner; Forest Policy Manager, Associated Oregon Loggers; OTFS Vice Chair
Tammy Cushing Starker Chair of Private and Family Forestry; Extension Specialist, Oregon State University   Bradley Tait PNW Region, USDA Forest Service
      Steve Vaught   Oregon Department of Forestry, retired
Dean Defrees Woodland owner, rancher
2016 National Tree Farmers of the Year
2015 Oregon Tree Farmers of the Year
Lyle Defrees Woodland owner, rancher
2016 National Tree Farmers of the Year
2015 Oregon Tree Farmers of the Year
Jeremy Felty Intern, Oregon Small Woodlands Association   Thomas Whittington Incentives Field Support Coordinator, Oregon Department of Forestry
David Ford Woodland owner; Principal, L&C Carbon, LLC      
Lauren Grand OSU Extension Agent      
Scott Hayes Past Chair; Woodland owner; OR. Dept. Forestry; retired   Julie Woodward Senior Manager of Forestry Education, Oregon Forest Resources Institute


Just the Facts

OTFS Recognition Luncheon, Workshop, and Annual Meeting

Will be held the last week of October 2019, at the Oregon Garden & Resort, Silverton, OR.
Details will be posted here as they become available.


Do you know a forester, or retired forester, that may be interested in becoming an OTFS Inspector? Inspectors need to have training to become an OTFS Inspector. If you or someone you know would be interested, please send an e-mail to:

Michael Atkinson, OTFS Inspector Coordinator,

Training will take place at a date to be announced.

Stewardship Plan Cost Share

Periodically, the Oregon Department of Forestry may have funds available to cost share development of stewardship plans [aka, forest management plans]. To find out if funds are available, contact your local ODF Stewardship Forester. Stewardship Forester contact information can be found at: http://www.oregon.gov/ODF/Working/Pages/FindAForester.aspx

Contact the OTFS

We welcome your comments about our website, articles, or information presented on this website. Contact Steve Vaught by email at:

The Oregon Tree Farm Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund can accept donations from persons or organizations as Memorials, as Honorariums, or as Special Gifts. Donations can be cash, property, securities or any other form of wealth acceptable to the Fund Administrator. Current donations amount to slightly over $30K working for OTFS through security investments.

The donated principal amount can never be withdrawn. Only interest, dividends, long and short term capital gains, and/or investment gain can be removed from the Memorial Fund as measured by a clear formula applied yearly at December 31.

The Memorial Fund was designed to provide property owners an opportunity to offer conditional or non-conditional property gifts, for example, Family Tree Farms.

Conditional gifts could carry a written contractual agreement instructing the Fund Administrator how that donation must be handled. The landowner may instruct the Memorial Fund to manage the property for benefit of the Memorial Fund or any other named beneficiary.

Alternatively, instructions may provide the Memorial Fund direction for selling the property. Conditional gifts must be approved by the Fund Administrator before acceptance. Inquiries held in strictest confidence.

Please send your donations, phone, or email inquiries to:
Dick Courter, Standing Chair and Founder
OTFS Memorial Fund
1600 NW Skyline Blvd.
PORTLAND, Ore. 97229
(503) 297-1660

Oregon Tree Farm System Education Video Series

OTFS Video - A Forest Legacy (5 min)

A Forest Legacy
running time  5:00

OTFS Video - Wood Production (9 min)

Wood Production
running time  9:00

OTFS Video - Wood Production (8 min)

Water Quality
running time  8:00

OTFS Video - Recreation (6 min)

running time  6:00

OTFS Video - Wildlife Habitat (5 min)

Wildlife Habitat
running time  5:00

OTFS Video - History Preserved (6 min)

History Preserved
running time  6:00

OTFS Video - Public Education (7 min)

Public Education
running time  7:00

OTFS Video - member Benefits (5 min)

Member Benefits
running time  5:00

Other Interesting Video from members

Skidder Used to Thin Forest

Oregon Tree Farmer Jeff VanNatta operating a Morgan SX-70 skidder to thin their forest in Northwest Oregon. You can watch the YouTube video below.