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Family Forest Landowners Steve and Wylda Cafferata Announced as
Oregon’s 2017 “Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year”

Steve and Wylda Cafferata Oregon's 2017 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year

Photo: L to R: State Forester Peter Daugherty, Wylda & Steve Cafferata
Dianne Guidry, USFS-Region 6

Silverton, OR (October 21st, 2017) –

The Oregon Tree Farm System on Saturday announced Steve and Wylda Cafferata of Springfield as Oregon's 2017 Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year. Their work was celebrated during an awards luncheon at the Oregon Garden in Silverton.


For 51 years, the Oregon Tree Farm System has recognized family forest landowners who provide forest benefits and products using sound forestry management.

The American Tree Farm System and its state chapters operate an internationally recognized forest certification program overseen by and for family forest landowners to promote sustainable forest management through education, recognition, and assistance.


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OTFS Recognition Luncheon, Workshop, and Annual Meeting

Will be held on October 27, 2018, at the Oregon Garden & Resort, Silverton, OR.
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Stewardship Plan Cost Share

This fall [2018], the Oregon Department of Forestry expects to have some funds available to cost share development of stewardship plans [aka, management plans]. These funds are usually limited – early applicants have a better chance of obtaining funds. Contact your ODF Stewardship Forester for information and an application. Stewardship Forester contact information: http://www.oregon.gov/ODF/Working/Pages/FindAForester.aspx

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The donated principal amount can never be withdrawn. Only interest, dividends, long and short term capital gains, and/or investment gain can be removed from the Memorial Fund as measured by a clear formula applied yearly at December 31.

The Memorial Fund was designed to provide property owners an opportunity to offer conditional or non-conditional property gifts, for example, Family Tree Farms.

Conditional gifts could carry a written contractual agreement instructing the Fund Administrator how that donation must be handled. The landowner may instruct the Memorial Fund to manage the property for benefit of the Memorial Fund or any other named beneficiary.

Alternatively, instructions may provide the Memorial Fund direction for selling the property. Conditional gifts must be approved by the Fund Administrator before acceptance. Inquiries held in strictest confidence.

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Other Interesting Video from members

Skidder Used to Thin Forest

Oregon Tree Farmer Jeff VanNatta operating a Morgan SX-70 skidder to thin their forest in Northwest Oregon. You can watch the YouTube video below.