Just the Facts

OTFS Annual Meeting, Workshop, and Recognition Luncheon

Will be held in November 23rd, 2015 at the World Forestry Center, Portland.

More information will be available on this web page in the fall of 2015.


Do you know a forester, or retired forester, that may be interested in becoming an OTFS Inspector? Inspectors need to have training to become an OTFS Inspector. If you or someone you know would be interested, please send an e-mail to:

Michael Atkinson, OTFS Inspector Coordinator,
coyote8199 at wildblue dot net
Training will take place at a date to be announced.

What to do if a Natural Disaster Happens to Your Tree Farm

Just before the recent severe weather events that took place in and around Almsville, Oregon in early December of 2010, the USDA Farm Service Agency’s (FSA) announced their Emergency Forest Restoration Program (EFRP).
read more...› [351kb PDF]

The Oregon Tree Farm Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund can accept donations from persons or organizations as Memorials, as Honorariums, or as Special Gifts. Donations can be cash, property, securities or any other form of wealth acceptable to the Fund Administrator. Current donations amount to slightly over $30K working for OTFS through security investments.

The donated principal amount can never be withdrawn. Only interest, dividends, long and short term capital gains, and/or investment gain can be removed from the Memorial Fund as measured by a clear formula applied yearly at December 31.

The Memorial Fund was designed to provide property owners an opportunity to offer conditional or non-conditional property gifts, for example, Family Tree Farms.

Conditional gifts could carry a written contractual agreement instructing the Fund Administrator how that donation must be handled. The landowner may instruct the Memorial Fund to manage the property for benefit of the Memorial Fund or any other named beneficiary.

Alternatively, instructions may provide the Memorial Fund direction for selling the property. Conditional gifts must be approved by the Fund Administrator before acceptance. Inquiries held in strictest confidence.

Please send your donations or phone inquiries to:
Dick Courter, Standing Chair and Founder
OTFS Memorial Fund
1600 NW Skyline Blvd.
PORTLAND, Ore. 97229
(503) 297-1660

genetechs at aaahawk dot com

Oregon's 2014 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year

Linn County landowner Linda Butts receives Oregon's "Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year" title today in Portland - 11/24/14

Linn County landowner Linda Butts was selected from a group of 10 finalists to receive the “Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year” title at the Oregon Tree Farm System’s annual awards luncheon, held today at Portland’s World Forestry Center.

For 40 years Butts has owned and managed a 145-acre tree farm on McCully Mountain read more . . .

The following landowners were recognized at the Annual Meeting in November — by county, they are:
  • Benton County: Mike and Molly Albrecht
  • Clackamas County: John Poppino
  • Douglas County: Bob and Naomi Ragon
  • Jackson County: Jim and LaVonne Stumbo
  • Lane: Jim Christian
  • Lincoln: Peter and Alice Bregman
  • Linn County: Linda Butts
  • Union : Harlan Scott
  • Washington: Chuck Price
  • Yamhill: Brian Doyle

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